A Little Something

A Little Something is AAWC’s new catering initiative. It aims to bring the community together through healthy, homemade, ethnically authentic cuisines from new settler communities.

A Little Something Catering provides a diverse range of healthy, fresh and ethnically authentic cuisines for all occasions, including large events and functions, whilst offering a range of dietary options suited to your requirements. We also offer cooking classes, which are led by chefs from new settler communities, new migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.

Our objective?

To empower women who have recently migrated or are from asylum seeking& refugee backgrounds by providing a space for them to share their skills and stories with the wider Australian community.

With the help of experienced supervisory staff, A Little Something Catering also gives our trainees a safe environment to build their skills and confidence. We help them develop environmental sustainability and their community networks while pursuing income-generating opportunities. 

When you choose us, you not only receive a rich, global, environmentally sustainable food experience, but also help empower these incredible women.

Environmental Sustainability

What are just some of the ways that A Little Something is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact? Our program involves:

  • reusing scraps and turning kitchen waste to compost
  • repurposing old fabrics and banners into handy products (e.g. bags
  • using superfoods to make delicious dishes from new settler communities
  • creating dialogue and raising awareness about sustainable lifestyles